Monday, August 8, 2011

Weedle Weedle

If you read my last post, you know that I've become an affiliate for Just Simply Baby...  Well, I've also become an affiliate for Weedle Weedle!  I'm so excited to have TWO great companies to share with you!  I have spent many many months shopping around trying to find the best companies to purchase from with the lowest prices while maintaining the quality that I expect. 

Weedle Weedle has everything from cloth diapers to toys to laundry detergent to diaper and hand bags and more!  Weedle Weedle was formed out of a mother's desire to leave the corporate workplace and stay home with her children, yet still be connected to the business world.  ALL of the products Weedle Weedle sells are products that they recommend because they have either personally used them or because they are recognized as the "best of the best" within the natural parenting/cloth diapering circles.

They have a great customer rewards program, wonderful customer service and a price matching guarentee (something I always look for!).  I personally am a big fan of shopping around for the best price or free shipping on products, whatever is going to save me the most amount of money for my family (and I'm sure you are too!)... Weedle Weedle helps take the guess work out of it.  You'll find nothing but great products with competitive prices and FREE SHIPPING! 

Go check them out and enjoy your shopping experience!  Click the below logo or the logo on the banner to the right to go to their website and have my affiliate code automatically entered for you!

Enjoy your shopping!

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