Saturday, August 6, 2011

Just Simply Baby

Guess what everyone... I've just become a Just Simply Baby affiliate!  I'm so excited to share this with you!  I LOVE this company.  I found them a few months ago and finally completed my first order, noticed they have an affiliate program... and (after talking with the hubby, of course) decided to become an affiliate!

Why do I love this company?
I love this company for many reasons, first... it's in the name Just SIMPLY Baby...  They are all about cloth diapering being SIMPLE.  These are not your mother's or your grandmother's diapers!  They are just as easy as using disposables, but better!  They are reusable!  I also love them because they are Christian based (peek around their website and see what you find!).  A WHAM, Katie, developed Just Simply Baby because she wanted "a good diaper at a great price."  And, if I do say so myself, she was quite successful!

About JSB:
Great diapers at great prices.  EVERY diaper comes with TWO (yes, I said two) microfiber inserts... and note, it's not a newborn insert and regular insert... it is two regular inserts (both snap down to fit the appropriate size).  They offer FREE shipping to military families (see their website for details).  They only work during the week, during their working hours, the rest of their time is for their family's (another thing I love!).  Their diapers can be used as swim diapers (awesome!!), just don't put an insert in... Lastly, they have a wonderful 30 day return policy, if you're not happy just contact them and return the diaper's NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  They can be un-packaged, washed and used... and they will still take them back!

If you place an order, please use my affiliate code...  you'll get a 5% discount AND I will get credit!  My code is: ARCOL  

So, click here to go to Just Simply Baby and place an order with this AMAZING company!

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