Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Heinys

I recently purchased a couple of Happy Heinys One for ALL diapers from Milies Boutique (great little online boutique with a great owner, you should check her out!) because I've heard such great things about them!  A couple of things that I liked right away without every having seen their diapers:

1.  They are from Southern California (I know this isn't really a selling point, but hey, I'm from SoCal too... keep it local! Haha!).  And what's better ALL of their diapers are made right there in SoCal!  Amazing, 100% American Made right there!

2. They don't sell their seconds diapers.  Now, I know that many of us frugal mama's like shopping for seconds (because who really cares if a stitch is out of place when you are on a tight budget, right?!)... and I would love to get my hands on some more HH diapers...  but I LOVE that they don't sell their seconds...  They DONATE them!  Yup, you heard me right;  Happy Heinys donates ALL of their seconds diapers to families in need.  To me, that is way better than getting a diaper cheaper because it wasn't made 100% correctly.  They made the decision to do this way back in October of 2003 when fires rampaged California (I remember them well!).  Well done!

When I received the two HHs I ordered, my first impression was how soft they were!  I was so excited to try them on my DS so I quickly put them in the wash (side note: you don't have to wash them a bunch of times before you use them, just once!  Of course, the more you wash them, the more absorbant they get... they only suggested thing is to change your baby a little more often until you've washed them a few times). 

Once I had the diaper on my DS, I was sold!  I was amazed at how trim this diaper is (especially compared to the prefolds I had been using!) and how well it fit my chubby chugs/skinny waist/no butt boy! 

My DS is 7 months old and weighs about 18 lbs so I have the diapers snapped down just one size.  I love the double row and layer snaps to secure the diaper on, meaning you can get just the right fit.  I also love that whether my DS is sitting down playing or standing and bouncing, the diaper moves with him and there are never any leaks!

Needless to say, I was already impressed with this diaper... but then I put it to the test... the overnight test!  My DS is a heavy wetter (mostly due to the fact that he loves to night nurse and he still wakes up multiple times a night...  ) and so far, we haven't found much that will keep him dry all night.  This diaper did the trick on a normal night (where he wakes up twice to nurse).  I put both of the inserts in with the longer insert folded over the smaller one (just slightly) and put the bulky part in front of the pocket... and when we woke up the next moring, our bed was dry and he was dry!  Hooray!  (*little side note, the HH diaper did not stand up to DS nursing ALL night long... however, like many say "a diaper is only as good as the stuffing inside" lol...  I don't think any diaper can hold up to that and therefore if you have a baby that periodically likes to nurse all night long, you will want to plan on changing their diaper half way through the night, just to make sure they stay dry and comfortable and you don't have any extra laundry to do!)

Would I recommend this diaper to a friend?  Yes I would, 100% percent!  But try it out for yourself!  Before buying a huge stash of any diaper, you should always try out a couple first... just to make sure it works for your baby and you!  Visit Happy Heinys today and find a retailer nearest you or online!

*I purchased the diapers that I reviewed and I was in no way compensated by any of the companies mentioned in this blog.  I was also not asked to write this blog by anyone.  This blog was written by me and the opinions within are my own.  If you have any questions, please email me at

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