Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care

Hi friends,

I know I mostly share about fluff and life with an infant with you but I will, from time to time, share great blogs I've found or blogs I've been introduced to or my friends' blogs...  Right now, I want to share my friends' blog with you...  Chocolate Hair / Vanilla Care.  In her blog my friend, Rory, chronicles her life as an adoptive vanilla mama to a chocolate girl.  Rory and her husband adopted their daughter "Boo" when she was just 6 days old.  They are such a wonderful family that were made to be together!  Rory does AMAZING hair styles on Boo and teaches her readers how to do them too!  Now, I don't have a daughter that I can do these hair styles on, but Rory also shares lots of other great things with her readers, like I recently learned a LOT from her regarding sunscreen, search her blog for it! 

Here's what Rory says about her blog: "In addition to chronicling everyday activities such as growing hair, products, and step-by-step instructions, I also talk about what it means to be a vanilla mama of a chocolate girl, and how we explore identity, respect, and empowerment, using hair as our common language."  She really is a great mama and wonderful person!

If you are interested in learning about adoption or how to do chocolate hair, Rory & her blog are a great resource!  Please go check out her blog and follow if it is of interest to you (and do please share with others!). 

Also, check out Rory's giveaway!  She won an Apple iTouch and she's going to give it away to one lucky reader!  Here's the link to her giveaway:  Hurry though, the giveaway ends on Thursday, June 30th at 5:00pm PDT!

But please don't stop at the giveaway, check out the rest of her great blog!  You'll enjoy it! 

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